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The Care Act came into effect in April 2015 and brought with it changes to processes that have been amended over the years that are now not fit for purpose. This radical overhaul has also brought with it changes to the way people in need fund their care. However just having the means to pay for care does not mean they have to.

Under the National Framework for Continuing Health Care and NHS Funded Nursing Care, the NHS and Local Authorities should follow a clear process in the assessment of a persons care needs and subsequent “means testing”.

Unfortunately, this has proven not to be the case and as such there have been, and still are many, who would qualify for state funded care but are being denied this entitlement.

You or a family member may have a case to reclaim fees paid for care due to a flawed assessment but you may not be sure quite what to do and who to contact.

The use of an independent Advocate can assist in the process and provide valuable guidance when communicating with the Local Authority and the NHS departments. An advocate can give guidance as to what documentation can be requested to assist with a dispute and attend review meetings, providing reassurance that you have someone independent from the Government bodies acting on your behalf.



Knowing the facts to any subject is always and advantage. But what if we don’t know the details, how would we know if we are being told the truth and treated fairly. We rely on those in positions of trust to do what is right, but thousands of older, vulnerable people have been wrongly assessed at a time when they needed care.

Being prepared is a distinct advantage, however, for most people who are in need of care they may no longer have the capacity to question if what they are being told if factually correct. This is where family members need to be involved in the process, and at a time of immense distress are asked to make difficult decisions. For most the assumption is that any care needs must be paid for by the individual in need of care.

Our experience shows that many who are in need of care or wrongly assessed and processes are routinely ignored. So, we have produced a guide for those concerned about the care of a family member. If you would like a copy click here and we will send to an electronic version.

People are wrongly paying their own care costs.

 2 Million may sell to pay for long term care

(source :this money.co.uk)

40,000 homes  sold each year to pay for care

    (Gov figures 2015 election campaign)

Care fee costs are rising. On average £800 each week

( Source Laing Buisson)

A person who owns anything of value above £23,250 will pay for their care in full

We are living longer, 17% of the population are expected to reach 100

850,000 in the U.K have dementia rising to       1,000,000 by 2025

445,000 people in care by 2017

1 in 6 over  age 80 will develop dementia

2/3rds will be women

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